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And the next employer is…

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After the last blog post weird stuff started happening. For the first time in my life, I had companies asking me to work for them, instead of me looking for positions and applying to those. While I did also approach a couple companies myself, those that approached me were favored a bit more. Roughly a month after the first post, I had a shortlist of 7 positions which were all awesome enough to work for. So then the elimination process began, as I have not yet figured out how to clone myself. After a lot of difficult choices, and the realization that I’m not signing for life, I finally came up with a number 1. Quickly thereafter, I received an offer that worked for me, which is now signed by both parties.

With a little pride, I’m happy to announce that as of Tuesday May 31st, I will be working for Barracuda Networks, specifically for their Labs department. As a lead web developer, I will be working on projects like,,,, and others. With a mix of some nerves and a lot more excitement, I’m looking forward to next Tuesday.

With the decision came also the consequence that I had to disappoint the other 6, which was quite hard, as they were very appealing too. However, with permission and in coordination with these companies, I can share a couple of these positions, so they can hopefully find someone as well.

First of all: Enrise, an onsite position in Amersfoort for an experienced PHP webnerd. This is a very awesome company (ask @skoop if you don’t take my word for it) and came in as a very close second. If you fit the description, and can do the commute, you should definitely pay them a visit.

Next: Oracle, specifically the MySQL team, is looking for several support engineers. If you love to talk and help out people as their last resort, this could be an awesome position for you. They are looking for multiple people across the whole world, and are very eager to talk to you if you know your way around MySQL.

Finally, one that came in after I had already signed with Barracuda, so I did not give them a thorough review, but the guy that approached me seemed a very pleasant person to work for. Nimbuzz is looking for a DBA and PHP coders, all onsite in Rotterdam. Contact them through the site for more info.

For all of these go: If I know you properly, feel free to find me, and I’ll give you an introduction.

Now that the search is over, and I’m about to start the new position, I’d like to thank everyone that kept an eye out for me, or somehow propagated the news that I was looking. Specifically I want to thank Cal Evans, for all the support he has given in this transition. Thanks buddy, you rock!


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  1. Seems like a really nice job that you got there, congratulations! You should also practice the cloning…. ;)

  2. Rob... says:

    Congratulations Remi :)



  3. Congratulations Remi! Have fun at your new position!

  4. Felix says:

    Hi Remi, seems like a pretty cool company to work for (I’ve used their hardware quite a lot in the past), congrats with the new position!

  5. Congrats on the new position, Remi! Hope you’ll have a great time at Barracuda Networks.

  6. skoop says:

    congratulations man, happy that the word is out and everything is good. have fun in that new position!

  7. Petra says:

    Hi Remi,
    Remember me? ;)
    I just came across your post and had to stop and simply congratulate you for a minute.
    Landing an interesting new job so soon! Many congratulations!
    There’s hope in the world after all!

  8. KarateKip3 says:

    If I had companies asking me to work for them, instead of me looking for positions, I would be a happy man, hehehe… ;)
    Good luck with your new job! Keep me posted.