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After 1 month and 1 day I received a small grey paperboard box. It was supposed to be a christmas present, but due to my own stupidity in mixing up two addresses, it was now almost February. I knew from who it was, but had no idea what to expect. After covering the green import/export label (I hate spoilers!), the box was carefully opened. In the box, I found a small bottle of ‘Mountain Dew’, which tastes quite good, btw. I can’t describe it any better, as I don’t know a drink they sell in Holland which you can compare to this. Also, there was a small bag of chips. And there was something blue and furry in the box. My very own Elephpant! That’s maybe the best present I’ve ever had! I still can’t believe I could be this happy with a stuffed animal! Thanks Cal!

For those who don’t know, the ElePHPant is the official mascotte for the PHP scripting language. It is the image of a blue/purple elephant, with the letters PHP written into it, invented by Vincent Portier. In combination with Nexen, the French PUG (PHP User Group) and above all Vincent Portier, this logo was turned into a very cute, very cozy pluche animal by Damien Seguy. You can read all the information you could possibly wanton the ElePHPant page. And now the promised image of my very own elephpant:

(Sorry for the bad quality, this image was shot with my mobile phone)

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  1. MissYeh says:

    It has been a while now since you first got your éléPHPant. Are you still happy with it? ..and is it still the best present ever received?

    I must find a way to my élePHPant as well..hopefully soon ;)

    • Remi_Woler says:

      Definitely still the best gift ever. It’s not because of what it’s made off, or what it looks like, but more the emotional value behind it.


  2. Nice Elephpant!