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Hello twitterverse!

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People have tried for almost a year to get me on twitter. Until now, I have always declined the invitations, and ignored the pleads. But now, things have changed. For a side project, I need to be very up to date with what goes on in the PHP world, and not be the last to know. Since it’s quite obvious that you have to be on Twitter to know about things happening as they happen, I did the unevitable, and signed up for an account. It’ll last for at least a month, and maybe, yes, maybe I might keep it after that, if it turned out to be really helpful, and I can’t live without anymore. We’ll see :). Either way, for the mean time: if you want to follow me, or see the rare update I give, follow me on Twitter!

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  1. Ivo says:

    Welcome to twitter. Hope you stay! :)

    An interesting read on the usefulness of twitter, and why it’s the opposite of a time waster, is this article:

  2. Kana Yeh says:

    Well well .. finally you have given in wha wha WHA.. I found that Twitter can be quite useful from time to time.
    Now I am very curious to your side project. What is it you are doing .. dominating the world with PHP? ;)