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PHP TestFest 2008 going dutch!

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On May 10, 2008, in a little place called Roosendaal (Netherlands), somewhere near the Belgium border, on an extremely sunny day for the time of the year, 10 developers gathered together with a similar goal in mind: improving PHP. Seated in a l low-lit room in a fancy hotel, they booted their laptops to reach their goal. One man had traveled all the way from Germany by train, just to instruct those 10 on how to accomplish their goal. Two people had traveled all the way from Belgium just to take part in accomplishing this goal. And I was there too…

Due to some misfortune with public transportation, I arrived a couple minutes later, just late enough to miss Sebastian Bergmann’s instruction, but luckily some other attendants were helpfull enough to get me started anyway. Together, we started writing PHP Tests for the PHP QA TestFest program. Which is actually quite fun to do. I learned a lot this day, even though that turned out to be pretty costly. The hotel management only provided tea&coffee and hadn’t taken into account that some people simply don’t drink either. So I had to buy my own drink, which turned out to be 6 euro (~$10) per liter! (For comparison: in the supermarket, a 1.5L bottle costs about 1 euro).

After a fun day of experimenting with PHP Tests, getting to know PHP and each other a little better, we managed to beat the UK by coming up with 37 tests in total. The UK had less tests, yet more people involved. After celebrating this victory in the pub located in the train station, I got lucky once again, and was driven a lot closer to home by Rein. This saved me a lot of the frustration and delay by the public transportation, which I experienced on my way in. It was a fun day, and a day well spent. Not only for me, but for PHP as well, as I got word from Sebastian that our tests are now actually used in the PHP QA processes!


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  1. Felixdv says:

    Yeah it definitely was a lot of fun. You should come to #phptestfest on freenode and write some more tests, there are quite enough untested things left in PHP ;-) I’m definitely up for organizing this again next year.