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Really? Are we the idiots?

Ed Finkler makes two points in his post “We’re the Stupid Ones: Facebook, Google and Our Failure as Developers”. 1: Google is making a mistake in indexing. It doesn’t select the most relevant page as the first result, but a somewhat relevant page, which confuses users. 2: developers should create UI’s which behaves the way the user naturally expects. I’d like to give my opinion on both.

1 year of Tweeting – In retrospect

365,25 days and 500 tweets ago, I registered for a Twitter account. I was already one of the last people in IT to do so, but I did beat Oprah to it. People who don’t use Twitter don’t get it. People who use it, often don’t get it either. So the big question is: would I have joined Twitter a year ago, if I knew what I know now?

OS in the cloud: The future?

In an office, the workers open their thin clients and netbooks to start the day. A network connection is provided at every corner, and there is wireless too, so you can work everywhere you want. All applications run on some big systems, and they just connect to it through their browsers. Sound like the future? Think again: it’s the past.

What can be worse than the Oklahoma public school results?

Recent news tells the world how little the average kid in a US high school actually knows about the country. The results in itself are a major disgrace; especially for a country that emphasizes that it is the best country in the world. Even I, non-American, European, had eight of the questions correct. However, if this was not bad enough, it actually gets worse!

The Mojave Experiment: Making the donkey hurt itself on a stone

In an attempt to get negative attention off of Windows Vista, Microsoft starts a marketing campaign called ‘The Mojave Experiment’. In this experiment, users who don’t want to upgrade to Windows Vista are shown a new Windows version, and they are recorded with a hidden camera while being asked about their feelings about Windows Vista, while they see a demonstration of the ‘new’ Windows.

Comparing programming languages

With the upcoming of Ruby on Rails, and the increase of PHP5 availability on shared webhosts, a lot of blogs are going into the language war again. So, before you click a way, I’m not going to bug you with a comparison. But what amazes me in a lot of those blogposts is one recurring argument. ‘I rebuilt app X in only Y days, while it took me Z days to built if in language P’. Well, duh!

Calling The Kettle Black

Lately, I’ve been working a lot more with other people’s codes. Oddly, there seems to be some trend for certain developers to reverse the arguments in an comparison. It even shows up in the PHP manual. Instead of comparing $value to $static, they compare $static to $value. And in the comments, you will find out why.

We will be right back, after this messages

And your favorite show gets interrupted, again. And while the commercials play by, you start thinking that you’d rather pay more for a subscription, and enjoy your shows without those breaks, then have to watch the same boring commercials, over and over again, on the most inconvenient times. Stop your thinking! There is a great plus side of commercials!