Customers don’t speak the IT language, and they shouldn’t have to. My communication and analytical skills allow me to take a spoken word to a complete implementation that works for the customer. I’m not the best in any specific technology, but I can see the links between them, and use the technologies to implement solutions to a finished product. This is a condensed version of my resume, with pretty much the same information as my LinkedIn page, but easier to maintain and without the ads. For a full version, please contact me.
1) OpenSource / Community
PFZ Activities Team Thingy

Created “Nadia” promotion game for PFCongress 2011.

PHPCommunity Steering committee Member
phpGG / PHPBenelux Usergroup Activities Manager
PHPWomen Board Member

Male counterbalance and PHPWomen Protege Program driver.

2) Experience
PHP Developer
Various projects & Research

Various “small” projects, including hourly-rate webshop building (Symfony, X-Cart or propriety frameworks), project-based work for not-for-profit organisations (Symfony or only frontend) and favor projects for friends-with-businesses while working on research projects with Parrot/Pipp, HipHop/HHVM and ANTLR

Barracuda Networks
Lead Web Developer (Labs team; remote contracting)

Created and improved several internal web applications and dashboards. Setup CI environment. Worked with research scientists to transform raw data to untrained-people- friendly output. Learned Ruby to maintain a web application but also learned why Ruby wasn’t made for me.

Zend Technologies Ltd.
USA / Israel
PHP Developer (eBiz team; remote contracting)

After finishing the initial launch of the new CMS, taking complaints & requests from various internal customers to a solution in production. Advised internal customers on how IT can suit their needs. Responsible for the front-ends of most public facing sites and their connection to the backend.

PHP Software Engineer (DevZone team; moonlighting)

Taking complaints & requests from Editor-in-Chief to a solution in staging. Documenting and debugging of old code. The contracting work here has led to a FTE contract at the eBiz team (see above).

Non-developer positions
Various, including:
  • Callcenter TAP (largest telephone company in NL) – Technical Assistance Point for inbound call-agents. Outbound resolving of “stuck” cases, that no procedure could fix. Recognizing and documenting new trends, and writing proposals to improve procedures.
  • Store manager/IT repear/development  (small computer store) – Hired for retail-sales and customer PC repairs, but recognized the failing business and got a chance to improve it. Increased revenue to the point where debt-free would be achieved in another year. Replaced XLS invoices with a self-written POS system (C#, MySQL), and introduced a webstore (PHP, MySQL) and general registration and reporting system for all assets (customer and shop owned) on premises (C#, MySQL).
  • Linux System Administator / Support Engineer (dedicated/managed hosting company) – Assembling and repairing (new) servers for dedicated-hosting clients. Managed servers (Win2k3, Fedora, Plesk) and network services (APC, firewalls) on inbound support requests (phone/email). Created & Implemented a web-driven unattended installation system for servers (Win2k3 & Fedora) using PHP, MySQL and Bash.
  • IT Guy (start-up) – Design, development and implementation of web applications (e-commerce, CMS) for in- house and customers (first ASP VBScript, then PHP). Advising and realizing IT infrastructure for SOHO (network, servers & workstations). System administration of co- located Linux servers.
  • System Administrator/retail sales (internship) (small computer store) – Assembling and repairing of computer systems (hard&soft-ware issues). Retail sales of computer hardware and complete systems.
3) Awards & Certifications
Zend Certified Engineer (PHP5)
4) Education
ICT Beheerder Niv 4
Systeembeheerder Niv 4
HAVO NG + Math B2