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Content Delivery Network in PHP: Throttling download speed

During your daily browsing, you’ve probably stumbled upon those paid content delivery networks (CDN) a few times. Those networks give you a limited, low, speed if you are not a paying member, and give you full speed if you did pay to use the premium service. Let’s see if we can do stream rate limiting in PHP.

[JAVA] To equalize or not to equalize

Being used to the magic of PHP, it can be quite hard to get used to a more strict language. Variable comparison can only be done if both types are the same. String “5” is definately not the same as Integer 5. But what happens if you compare two strings? That should be easy right? Well, not always.

The art of development

Recently, I stumbled upon one of the most beautifull pieces of source code. It’s a really simple flightsimulator, written in C. Nothing special about that. But the source code is completely indented, so it looks like an airplane. Now that’s art with a capital A. Here’s what it looks like.