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w output during caldot effect


The cause Yesterday, I published a new post announcing my immediate availability. After tweeting that, I got a couple of very flattering retweets (thanks guys! Really!), which lead to the first couple of visitors to my blogpost. All fine and dandy so far, but then something completely unexpected happened. My awesome friend & mentor Cal […]

The 10 steps to get support through IRC (plus 1 to stay on)

Even though the IRC protocol is several decades old, it’s still actively used and an invaluable resource to get support through. While OSS projects are better represented, there are lots of channels about closed source technologies and companies as well. This post isn’t intended to give you a primer on IRC, instead I’ll show you a couple of steps on how to get IRC to work for you.

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Good guys go to Amsterdam

Tonight I had dinner in Amsterdam, with some of the people I admire most. At the informal 1980-ish restaurant “Moeders”, I shared the table with people who need no further introduction: Cal Evans (calevans), Ivo Jansch (oeli), Stefan Koopmanschap (skoop) and Michelangelo van Dam (DragonBe). It was fun, really fun, to say the least.

Calling out for a thinktank

A couple of weeks ago, the founder(s) of the #php.thinktank channel on FreeNode decided that there was not enough use for the channel to maintain it’s existence. Soon after that, everybody got booted from the channel, and the channel ‘merged’ with #phpc, the PHP Community channel. With a few commands to chanserv, the utopia of PHP knowledge was gone… But gone forever?