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Adding an external development server to your Eclipse-based sourcefile deployment workflow

So you are using the kick-ass Eclipse IDE? And you already have a deployment workflow based on SVN? Good. But you also want to add in an external dev server that mirrors the production environment, but has your latest changes applied to them? You’re tired of using the reluctant Export feature over and over again? Look no further, I found what you need!

Comparing programming languages

With the upcoming of Ruby on Rails, and the increase of PHP5 availability on shared webhosts, a lot of blogs are going into the language war again. So, before you click a way, I’m not going to bug you with a comparison. But what amazes me in a lot of those blogposts is one recurring argument. ‘I rebuilt app X in only Y days, while it took me Z days to built if in language P’. Well, duh!

Calling out for a thinktank

A couple of weeks ago, the founder(s) of the #php.thinktank channel on FreeNode decided that there was not enough use for the channel to maintain it’s existence. Soon after that, everybody got booted from the channel, and the channel ‘merged’ with #phpc, the PHP Community channel. With a few commands to chanserv, the utopia of PHP knowledge was gone… But gone forever?

Content Delivery Network in PHP: Throttling download speed

During your daily browsing, you’ve probably stumbled upon those paid content delivery networks (CDN) a few times. Those networks give you a limited, low, speed if you are not a paying member, and give you full speed if you did pay to use the premium service. Let’s see if we can do stream rate limiting in PHP.

C# certified

Just 2 days and a couple of hours before I am scheduled to take the ZCE exam, I dared to take the ‘Programming in C#’ test at ExpertRating.com, and passed.

[JAVA] To equalize or not to equalize

Being used to the magic of PHP, it can be quite hard to get used to a more strict language. Variable comparison can only be done if both types are the same. String “5” is definately not the same as Integer 5. But what happens if you compare two strings? That should be easy right? Well, not always.

The art of development

Recently, I stumbled upon one of the most beautifull pieces of source code. It’s a really simple flightsimulator, written in C. Nothing special about that. But the source code is completely indented, so it looks like an airplane. Now that’s art with a capital A. Here’s what it looks like.

Revenge of the WOW-ers

Don’t you just hate those people that post comments like ‘OMGWTFBBQ!!!111!1!!’? Not only does nobody know what it exactly means, they usually just post it because they have no idea what the story is about. A normal human would not comment, or educate themselves if they have no idea what the story is trying to tell, but I guess for certain people this is their way of showing. But it get’s worse…

Webdevelopment evolution

I like PHP. No, better said: I love PHP. It never failed me on creating a solution for a real problem. And it has allways been fun to play with. But lately, I’ve run more and more into the shortcomings of PHP. I coped with it for a while, but it became increasingly harder to motivate myself to continue developing in it, and the urge to change whole PHP grew more and more.