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When my brain became my burden

About 3 years ago (at the time of writing), I pulled out of the PHP Community and pretty much disappeared from the digital face of the earth. While it wasn’t the right move, especially in hindsight, it was a move I made on purpose. Given how many people were affected by it in one way […]

The 10 steps to get support through IRC (plus 1 to stay on)

Even though the IRC protocol is several decades old, it’s still actively used and an invaluable resource to get support through. While OSS projects are better represented, there are lots of channels about closed source technologies and companies as well. This post isn’t intended to give you a primer on IRC, instead I’ll show you a couple of steps on how to get IRC to work for you.

Really? Are we the idiots?

Ed Finkler makes two points in his post “We’re the Stupid Ones: Facebook, Google and Our Failure as Developers”. 1: Google is making a mistake in indexing. It doesn’t select the most relevant page as the first result, but a somewhat relevant page, which confuses users. 2: developers should create UI’s which behaves the way the user naturally expects. I’d like to give my opinion on both.

OS in the cloud: The future?

In an office, the workers open their thin clients and netbooks to start the day. A network connection is provided at every corner, and there is wireless too, so you can work everywhere you want. All applications run on some big systems, and they just connect to it through their browsers. Sound like the future? Think again: it’s the past.

Seven Things – Tagged By Ivo

I don’t like pyramid schemes, but if both Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Ivo Jansch are participating, who am I to stop the trail? So here’s my list of seven(ish!) things you may or may not know about me (likely the latter), after receiving a tag from Ivo Jansch.

The Mojave Experiment: Making the donkey hurt itself on a stone

In an attempt to get negative attention off of Windows Vista, Microsoft starts a marketing campaign called ‘The Mojave Experiment’. In this experiment, users who don’t want to upgrade to Windows Vista are shown a new Windows version, and they are recorded with a hidden camera while being asked about their feelings about Windows Vista, while they see a demonstration of the ‘new’ Windows.