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Comparing programming languages

With the upcoming of Ruby on Rails, and the increase of PHP5 availability on shared webhosts, a lot of blogs are going into the language war again. So, before you click a way, I’m not going to bug you with a comparison. But what amazes me in a lot of those blogposts is one recurring argument. ‘I rebuilt app X in only Y days, while it took me Z days to built if in language P’. Well, duh!

[JAVA] To equalize or not to equalize

Being used to the magic of PHP, it can be quite hard to get used to a more strict language. Variable comparison can only be done if both types are the same. String “5” is definately not the same as Integer 5. But what happens if you compare two strings? That should be easy right? Well, not always.

Webdevelopment evolution

I like PHP. No, better said: I love PHP. It never failed me on creating a solution for a real problem. And it has allways been fun to play with. But lately, I’ve run more and more into the shortcomings of PHP. I coped with it for a while, but it became increasingly harder to motivate myself to continue developing in it, and the urge to change whole PHP grew more and more.