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Automating form creation with Zend_PDF

For my job, I need to fill out a form monthly. Till a short while ago, I opened Microsoft Publisher for this, filled out the fields, saved, exported as PDF file and finally mailed the form. Given that the contents of the form are fully computable in 99% of the cases, there had to be a way to automate it. With Zend_PDF to the rescue, automating gets easy. Read on to see how.

Seven Things – Tagged By Ivo

I don’t like pyramid schemes, but if both Matthew Weier O’Phinney and Ivo Jansch are participating, who am I to stop the trail? So here’s my list of seven(ish!) things you may or may not know about me (likely the latter), after receiving a tag from Ivo Jansch.

Dutch PHP usergroups wins 4 Elephpants and the top-committer title in PHP TestFest

Today the PHP site announced the results of the QA TestFest in a wrap up article on the php.net site. First of all, I must admit that I was extremely disapointed with the amount of people that participated. Only 30?!? Of the huge world-wide community?!? That can’t be justified… Either way, it appears that the dutch PHP usergroup team has done their job quite well.

PHP TestFest 2008 going dutch!

On May 10, 2008, in a little place called Roosendaal (NL), somewhere near the Belgium border, on an extremely sunny day for the time of the year, 10 developers gathered together with a similar goal in mind: improving PHP. Seated in a low-lit room of a fancy hotel, they booted their laptops to reach their goal. And I was there too…

Safe_mode, register_globals and magic_quotes not being dropped in PHP 5.3

In the recent voting, the most debated features of ‘the old’ PHP survived yet another minor release. The item ‘Remove safe_mode, register_globals and magic_quotes’ recieved a total of 14 ‘against’ votes, which is more then enough to keep it from being eliminated from PHP just yet. Though, as rumours tell us, usage of any of these functions will probably result in an E_DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.

First most likely featurelist for PHP 5.3

After the voting this week on the PHP Internals mailing list, the releasemaster Illia Alshanetsky summed everything up, and announced the intention to release a 5.3 release. The following list of features is taken from this survey, and each of the features recieved 10 or more votes (out of the possible 28), and is therefor put on the todo list for a possible PHP 5.3.

Comparing programming languages

With the upcoming of Ruby on Rails, and the increase of PHP5 availability on shared webhosts, a lot of blogs are going into the language war again. So, before you click a way, I’m not going to bug you with a comparison. But what amazes me in a lot of those blogposts is one recurring argument. ‘I rebuilt app X in only Y days, while it took me Z days to built if in language P’. Well, duh!

Calling The Kettle Black

Lately, I’ve been working a lot more with other people’s codes. Oddly, there seems to be some trend for certain developers to reverse the arguments in an comparison. It even shows up in the PHP manual. Instead of comparing $value to $static, they compare $static to $value. And in the comments, you will find out why.

Calling out for a thinktank

A couple of weeks ago, the founder(s) of the #php.thinktank channel on FreeNode decided that there was not enough use for the channel to maintain it’s existence. Soon after that, everybody got booted from the channel, and the channel ‘merged’ with #phpc, the PHP Community channel. With a few commands to chanserv, the utopia of PHP knowledge was gone… But gone forever?

Content Delivery Network in PHP: Throttling download speed

During your daily browsing, you’ve probably stumbled upon those paid content delivery networks (CDN) a few times. Those networks give you a limited, low, speed if you are not a paying member, and give you full speed if you did pay to use the premium service. Let’s see if we can do stream rate limiting in PHP.

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