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w output during caldot effect


The cause Yesterday, I published a new post announcing my immediate availability. After tweeting that, I got a couple of very flattering retweets (thanks guys! Really!), which lead to the first couple of visitors to my blogpost. All fine and dandy so far, but then something completely unexpected happened. My awesome friend & mentor Cal […]

1 year of Tweeting – In retrospect

365,25 days and 500 tweets ago, I registered for a Twitter account. I was already one of the last people in IT to do so, but I did beat Oprah to it. People who don’t use Twitter don’t get it. People who use it, often don’t get it either. So the big question is: would I have joined Twitter a year ago, if I knew what I know now?

Hello twitterverse!

People have tried for almost a year to get me on twitter. Until now, I have always declined the invitations, and ignored the pleads. But now, things have changed. For a side project, I need to be very up to date with what goes on in the PHP world, and not be the last to know. So I finally caved in: I signed up for a Twitter account.