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Really? Are we the idiots?

Ed Finkler makes two points in his post “We’re the Stupid Ones: Facebook, Google and Our Failure as Developers”. 1: Google is making a mistake in indexing. It doesn’t select the most relevant page as the first result, but a somewhat relevant page, which confuses users. 2: developers should create UI’s which behaves the way the user naturally expects. I’d like to give my opinion on both.

Dear Google, I am not retarded!

A search engine excels or fails with the results it returns. It’s not the number of results that count, but the result the user was looking for. Google became famous with this. It found what you were looking for. You didn’t need a degree in computer science, it just found what you were looking for.

The Mojave Experiment: Making the donkey hurt itself on a stone

In an attempt to get negative attention off of Windows Vista, Microsoft starts a marketing campaign called ‘The Mojave Experiment’. In this experiment, users who don’t want to upgrade to Windows Vista are shown a new Windows version, and they are recorded with a hidden camera while being asked about their feelings about Windows Vista, while they see a demonstration of the ‘new’ Windows.