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BY-NC-ND: ~Aphrodite

Shopping for a camera, web 2.0 style

When you need pictures taken on a very short notice, an option is to buy a camera yourself, and take them. But then you have to go through a pletorha of camera’s, to find a good one. Instead of just comparing specs, what if there was an instant way to see results from each camera? Enough results to eliminate “just” bad photographers?

BY-NC-SA: Scott

Innocent, till proven otherwise (or: the perfect way to tell if a browser can handle AJAX)

To be absolutely sure that a browser can support AJAX, you can’t trust anything. Browsers lie in telling what features they support, you can never maintain a full browser-match list (which also has no false positives), etc. But not using AJAX isn’t an option either. So, let’s have the browser prove that they can support AJAX.