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The 10 steps to get support through IRC (plus 1 to stay on)

Even though the IRC protocol is several decades old, it’s still actively used and an invaluable resource to get support through. While OSS projects are better represented, there are lots of channels about closed source technologies and companies as well. This post isn’t intended to give you a primer on IRC, instead I’ll show you a couple of steps on how to get IRC to work for you.

Automating form creation with Zend_PDF

For my job, I need to fill out a form monthly. Till a short while ago, I opened Microsoft Publisher for this, filled out the fields, saved, exported as PDF file and finally mailed the form. Given that the contents of the form are fully computable in 99% of the cases, there had to be a way to automate it. With Zend_PDF to the rescue, automating gets easy. Read on to see how.

Getting a complex MySQL resultset in CSV format on a remote client (*NIX)

Sometimes you just need a resultset in CSV (so non-geeks can read it in XLS format). MySQL has several options for that. First and foremost: SELECT (…) INTO OUTFILE. This is probably the most common one, and the easiest to use. However, this does not work if you’re on a remote client, so solution does work if you’re connected remotely?

Focussing multi-window Eclipse on Ubuntu (solved)

As a fervent multi-monitor user, I ran into issues with the latest Ubuntu (9.04) in combination with Gnome and Eclipse. When I switched to another application which was (partially) overlapping Eclipse, I could not switch back to Eclipse by clicking the item in the taskbar. Nothing would happen, and if I clicked multiple times, the application would actually get hidden.

Custom From address in

For my mail, I use several catch-all accounts, so I can give every service it’s own email address, which proves very useful in creating automatic rules. There is one issue though, you have only one sender account, and some services require that you respond from the original send-to address.

Working-a-round timezone issues with meetings in iCal

It’s a commonly known problem that if you import an ICS event into iCal, which is happening in another timezone, iCal will ignore the set timezone, and add the event in your own timezone. You can’t move the meeting to the real time, as iCal will happily notify you that you can’t move the appointment, because you are not it’s creator. By accident, I found a work-a-round that does allow you to change the time.

Adding an external development server to your Eclipse-based sourcefile deployment workflow

So you are using the kick-ass Eclipse IDE? And you already have a deployment workflow based on SVN? Good. But you also want to add in an external dev server that mirrors the production environment, but has your latest changes applied to them? You’re tired of using the reluctant Export feature over and over again? Look no further, I found what you need!

Unlocking your SSH session after pressing ctrl+S

It happens to me on a quite frequent basis. I work in a Windows based editor for some time, and press ctrl+s every now and then to save my changes to disk. It turned kinda into a habbit. No big deal, unless… you start working in VI. Everytime, well, until now, when you press ctrl+s, it would hang up your session. Nothing you could do about it. It’s the most frustrating thing ever!

Innocent, till proven otherwise (or: the perfect way to tell if a browser can handle AJAX)

To be absolutely sure that a browser can support AJAX, you can’t trust anything. Browsers lie in telling what features they support, you can never maintain a full browser-match list (which also has no false positives), etc. But not using AJAX isn’t an option either. So, let’s have the browser prove that they can support AJAX.

Content Delivery Network in PHP: Throttling download speed

During your daily browsing, you’ve probably stumbled upon those paid content delivery networks (CDN) a few times. Those networks give you a limited, low, speed if you are not a paying member, and give you full speed if you did pay to use the premium service. Let’s see if we can do stream rate limiting in PHP.